Military Veterans PTSD Reference Manual - Chapter 3

Veterans PTSD Reference Manual

Chapter 3 (Revised)(Partial Only)

Traditional Treatment

Section I. GENERAL

03-01. General. What follows are very simplified descriptions of several treatments for PTSD. An attempt has been made to use Medical jargon only where required as part of a direct quote. If the meaning of a quote is unclear, please refer to appendix B for a simpler definition.

The first short section describes the lack of understanding or real treatment of PTSD prior to the Vietnam war. The next section explains several ongoing treatment methods, and the final section details current treatment options taking place at local VA Medical Centers and Vet Centers. (A list VA facilities can be found in Appendix G).

It is beyond the scope of this manual to cover every conceivable treatment method. Treatments are often individualized and may change on a daily basis. This chapter explains the treatments which seem to be the most widely recognized at the time of this writing.


03-02. General. I would like to begin by writing a little about what is not being done. It is unanimously agreed that treatment for PTSD should start as soon as possible after a traumatic event. While the military has always participated in "debriefings" after missions I can find no history of treating soldiers for trauma immediately following an event. While I am aware, having served in Vietnam, that immediate treatment often is not feasible there are very few instances where the situation would dictate the treatment be delayed for days, weeks, or months.

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