Military Veterans PTSD Reference Manual - Chapter 6

Veterans PTSD Reference Manual

Chapter 6 (Partial Only)


Section I. GENERAL

06-01. General. There are several types of medications you may be given for PTSD. This chapter will list possible side effects and general comments from both doctors and medical guides. This chapter also includes my personal experiences with PTSD medications. (I AM NOT advising the reader to ask for or take any of the medications listed; each is listed for informational purposes only. If you are female ask your doctor about gender specific side effects. Many of the descriptions are not clinically accurate; they are written from a laymanís point of view). The definitions are not taken from any single book but rather several, which are listed in the bibliography.

06-02. Reasons for Medication. The following are PTSD symptoms which may be affected by medication:

a. Depression. Quite often you will become depressed and not even know why. Normally this depression is brought on by "Triggers" (as described in Chapter 2) set off by current events. Depression can, amongst other things, affect your memory.

b. Anxiety. This is what first began to gnaw on me several months before I turned myself in for treatment. I began to wake up in a state of anxiety which remained with me for most, if not all, of the day. I equated it, to my psychiatrist, as a feeling of waiting for a mortar attack. This began to cause me to stay up later and later at night because I didnít want to wake up with the almost consuming anxiety.

d. Nightmares. You may be having, or may start to have nightmares. I began to kick my wife during the night in attempt to fend off something happening in my dreams. Half the time I could not remember what the dream was about. Some of the dreams that I did remember were graphic and very realistic, including both smell and feeling. You may also begin, if you are not already doing so, to wake up in the middle of the night. I had the feeling there was something I was suppose to do but I did not know what it was. (I finally got to the point that I just went to the bathroom instead of wasting the up time). This is no specific medication for the elimination of nightmares.

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