Military Veterans PTSD Reference Manual - Chapter 9

Veterans PTSD Reference Manual

Chapter 9 (Partial Only)

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Section I. GENERAL

09-01. General. As you begin to work on your stress letter you will find that your memory is not what it use to be. This may be because many years have elapsed or since you experienced the traumatic events about which you are writing the memory lapses may be a symptom of PTSD. Either way you will need to locate a war buddy who can help you remember or you need to find some relevant data pertaining to the event or events that caused your extreme stress. What follows required months of research that included many letters and phone calls. I believe it to be the most extensive and accurate list of war material archives and related information available.


09-02. General. Having been in the military you are aware of the mountains of paperwork created in peace and wartime. It may still be a problem to find historical data pertaining to your unit or individual operations because of carelessness by field commanders and clerks, as is the case for the early years of the Vietnam War, or because many records are still unavailable due to security classifications.

Listed below are archives and records depositories I have been able to locate where you can find information about your unit or a specific operation.

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