I.S. Parrish's Military Veterans PTSD Reference Manual also contains a great deal of information about PTSD

with an emphasis on how to apply for a PTSD disability rating. Parrish, a retired U.S. Army sergeant E-8,

served as a comminications specialist in Vietnam om 1967-68.

Books in Review, by Marc Leepson, Vietnam Veterans of America Magazine

April/May 2000

Mr. Parrish;

I would like to thank you for your words of wisdom . I am assisting my Father with this process, and needless to say

he has grown weary of dealing with the government. What I have read has been helpful, as well as encouraging.

Thank You

Kelly Dawson

I recently purchased your book and wished I had the opportunity to review it prior to applying for disability

benefits two years ago.

Eric Newton, 11ACVVC

Dec 99

It seems to me that you have created a tremendously affirming and practical tool for veterans.

Margaret L. Peck

DVA Board of Veterans Appeals