Veterans PTSD Reference Manual

Authors Speaking Availability

The author is a combat veteran with a 100% disability (70% of which is for PTSD).

The author is willing to speak to any group or organization for the cost of lodging, food and transportation and permission to sell his Reference Manual.

The presentation is approximately 2 hours in length and is based on the authors book Military Veterans PTSD Reference Manual and will include the following:

You may be giving up $3000 to $4000 a year in tax free earned benefits (Enough to pay for an automobile).
1. Opening Remarks.
2. Talk about history.
3. Talk about symptoms and causes.
4. Touch on Treatment and Medications.
5. Talk about VA and available care.
6. Cover contact with the VA and the Stress Letter.
7. Discuss documentation sources.
8. Pass out and work on Stress Letter Worksheet.

Separate night sessions (Depending on Time and number of persons interested)

1. Stress reduction.
2. Emotional Memory changing.
3. Brain wave altering.
4. Brain exercises.

The upcoming year is posted below with dates which ARE NOT AVAILABLE shown.