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PTSD Victims No Longer Need to Prove Trauma

The Veterans Affairs Department has dumped a policy requiring combat vets to verify

in writing that they have witnessed or experienced a traumatic event before filing a

claim for post-traumatic stress disorder, said the chairman of the Senate Veterans'

Affairs Committee.

- - - - In the past, a veteran has had to provide written verification - a statement from a

commander or doctor, or testimony from co-workers - that he or she was involved in a traumatic

situation in odder to receive disability compensation for PTSD from VA. The Defense Department

used the same rules in evaluating PTSD for disability retirement pay.

- - - - In the future, Veterans will be diagnosed with PTSD through a medical examination with no

future proof necessary, Akaka said, adding that he's been told that Peake has already informed

VA regional offices of the decision.