Veterans PTSD Reference Manual

New VA On Line (VONAPP) benefits filing process.

A new program "Veterans On Line Applications", or VONAPP for short, is now available if you are applying for compensation, pension, and vocational rehabilitation benefits.

On the new page, found at VONAPP On Line Application Page, it says:

"The VONAPP (Veterans On Line Applications) website is an official Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) website designed so U.S. military veterans and some servicemembers within six months of separation or retirement can apply for compensation, pension, and vocational rehabilitation benefits through the Internet. This is a first step towards an electronic VA. VONAPP will allow veterans, and in the future, dependents and other VA claimants, electronic access to file applications with us on-line.

You have available:
VA Form 21-526, Veteranís Application for Compensation and/or Pension, and VA Form 28-1900, Disabled Veterans Application for Vocational Rehabilitation. We plan to add more forms as fast as we can."

The forms can be downloaded in "PDF" format, printed and mailed to the VA or you can also file the form on line by going to the VONAPP home page and then clicking on the "Start VONAPP" button. For some reason the process requires you to use a LOGIN and PASSWORD to start the on line application.